Friday, December 18, 2015

The Biggest Highlights, and the Biggest Failure (Literally me)

In my project about Transphobia I had the most fun out of both projects making the poster, asking around, and getting the "scoop" on others and even starting up the GSA. But my biggest highlight was going to school on November 20th and seeing people wear the colors of my people. even if it was a handful of people it still pulled at my heartstrings and It made me want to cry that I Can be supported for being me. So I would have to say that's my favorite day of this semester. But the worst day was the day I couldn't get my poster up in the bathrooms. That was the part I spent so much time on and I knew it would spread news on Nov 20th like wildfire. But instead it was rejected because it "Surrounded one group" While at the same time for three months we had nothing but stuff talking about suicide and stress. SO yeah thanks school. But if you cant get what you want. Steal it or do it without permission. We changed the title of the poster and still put them up in the hallway.

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