Friday, November 6, 2015

Reflection number 8

This is the last reflection for this project. This project was my project on Transphobia and Trans rights. I've done everything in my power to do this project...With the little help I got I made the Poster myself. I made the Quiz myself. I talked to Nelson about the facts. And I talked to the GSA about our project myself. My Project was consistent of making a Toilet Talk which is a poster which is hung in the bathroom stalls and hangs there for people to read but we got rejected on the Toilet Talk so we changed it to a thing called Fountain Facts which is the same poster as the Toilet Talk just a different title.
The next part of our project was I made a small script for the GSA talk to here on the first day I welcomed the GSA and covered my project in a wholesome and told them about the toilet talk. Another part was a survey I made on Google Forms ( Check it out. And I recorded the responses we have so far. I'm hoping to get to 40 before actually making count.
Finally I spoke to MR. Nelson on the Day of remembrance where we got rejected for a moment of silence but it might be accepted for a fact to be spoken on this subject for this day and for a heads up to wear Pink Blue and White. Just to show support to those of us who were killed in murders or suicides for being who we are. Because this transphobia problem has been going on for so long and it needs to stop before more die. All because did you know One transgender every 3 weeks is killed in the entire world?
For my next project I want to cover over Nursing home abuse and talk to the elderly on how their treated in their nursing homes compared to those how live at home and talk to their grandchildren and kids on facts and ideas of how that person was before they went into that nursing home.

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