Friday, September 25, 2015

Reflection #3

Finished Toilet talk for trans rights planning to talk to councilors for on opinion on if we can use and if we can change anything on it. Next is to talk to Mr.Nelson for the trans day of remembrance. Our toilet talk paper runs on the basics of a Q and A segment, with the number for a suicide hotline called (Trevor Project) and we covered on who our councilors are and who they help.

Friday, September 18, 2015

2 week reflection

We've researched the November 20th Trans day of remembrance to study and decide what we can do around that to which we came to the conclusion to one day to dress like the Transgender flag and another on the actual say to have a moment of silence and a poem and or quote to promise the idea of trans rights for an everyday class and a life for people who experience trans hate and bashing, we hope to have this poem and silence over our schools intercom so people all over school can notice. and a group of people dress like the flag for people to ask why we dressed like that.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Promise Me!

What I am going to be doing is promoting the safety of Transgenders with my partner Nicole Waechter and our starting project are the joys of Safety Room Stickers or Signs. So that way students are able to go to teachers who they can trust (with the joy of these stickers) to choose teachers who they feel they can actually talk to and or come out to by being able to see these stickers. Another thing we will cover is the issue on Bathroom genders. A Transmale should be able to use the Males bathroom, not forced to use the females. Same being so about Transfemales. And they should be able to go to their perfered bathroom in safety. Transfemales going to the males bathroom have higher possibilitys to be raped and or beated. Transgender people are actually killed one person at a time every three days. Not even at schools. Anywhere. The street, the bathroom, the stores, work. They need to have the constant vigilance on every corner. Transgenders are just like you and I. Why should they be treated any differently? I want anyone who reads this blog to Promise Me? Stay kind to Transgenders. They're just like you and I, and that homeless guy on the street. Because even if this project can't change much of my own school. we want to at least raise awareness on this situation.
Welcome to my new blog. This was a blog made for a school project (which to this day i don't understand) and this blog is to promote the safety and rights of Transgenders.